Air Duct Replacement Gastonia NC

Air Duct Replacment Gastonia NC

Amazing Air Duct in Gastonia NC also provide air duct replacement in Gastonia NC.

Every home or business owner must ensure that there is clean air circulation. Unclean duct accumulates dirt which can cause health problem to your loved ones. The best way to ensure that your family gets quality air is through duct maintenance. You should contact a professional to handle the cleaning project to avoid disappointment. When the ducts are in use for a long time, you will need to replace to ensure efficient. Damaged ducts facilitate heat loss which makes it hard for the HVAC to heat or cool the room.

What is Air Duct Replacement?

Air duct replacement is one of the major services offered by HVAC contractors. The service involves removing the existing faulty duct and replace it with a brand new. Unlike the repair service, replacement involves complete removal of the old ducts. In most cases, replacement is used when you want to restore the duct performance to the maximum.

The duct replacement project is best left to professionals due to its technicality. There is a lot of measures to ensure that the joint fix and the ducts are of the required size. The primary work of the duct is to deliver treated air from the furnace or AC. The air should not leak to whatsoever. All this is taken care when you hire an experienced contractor to handle the air duct replacement services.

Why would air ducts need to be replaced?

Health Reasons -Air duct replacement is necessary for a different reason. One of the obvious reason is your family health. When the ducts are either damaged, there are chances that insects and rodents may find their home. It’s to mean that your room will be exposed to rodents’ urine, fur and dirt. In most cases, bad air quality causes an allergic reaction to family members. Damaged air ducts also enhance the growth of mold and incubation of fungus. For the sake of your family health, consider replacement of the air duct.

  • Thermal Leak– When there is a thermal leak, you will need a replacement. Replacement is ideal if the thermal leak is beyond repair. When there is a thermal leak, the AC does more work but deliver little. In turn, you are forced to pay high energy bills. When the ducts are replaced, the whole system works efficiently and effectively to ensure less energy consumption.
  • Change of HVAC -When the air ducts are not of the equal sizes, you will need to replace them to ensure efficiency. It usually happens when you upgrade your furnace or AC. The variation in the size of the ducts may damage your new furnace or the AC. Contractors advise that every time you install a new HVAC to ensure that the ducts are adjusted.
  • Return Vent problem – When the return air vent develops a problem, it’s the high time to replace the ducts. When the return vent develops a problem, the air circulation will not be effective. Remember that the return vent collects air from the room to the AC or furnace for heating. Thus, with poor air circulation, your ac will not be able to cool the room neither will furnace be in a position to warm the room.

Problems Caused By Poor Air Ducts

Poor air ducts causes more problems than good. The poor air ducts cause an increase in energy bills due to thermal leaking. When you install substandard air ducts, with the normal ductwork and sealing, they are subjected to heat loss.

Poor air duct is subjected to external pressures which lead to clogging or constriction. When such happens, the flow of in in the room is interrupted. It may lead to damaging the furnace or the AC if not addressed at the right time. Some duct material may also cause health problems and thus the need to be watchful when buying.

Odour in your room may not be coming from your HVAC but rather from the ducts. In some cases the moisture buildup causing the growth of moulds and fungus. The fungus and moulds produce a lousy odour which is then propelled to the room.

How often should you replace the air duct?

With the quality ducts and the right maintenance, your duct can stay for more than ten years. The best way to determine when to replace the ducts is by watching for the ducts replacement signs. Some of the common signs include;

  • Poor indoor air quality,
  • High energy bills,
  • Excess debris on the filter
  • Uneven temperatures.
  • Dusty Home

The air duct replacement is the ideal approach when you need to save money on energy bills. The cost of duct replacement seems expensive compared to repair. But remember repair is shot time, but replacement is a long time. Whit replacement, you restore the system to its most efficient state.

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